Why choosing a professional photographer

We all agree professional photographers can be expensive. Eventho Picaboo Pictures offers a very competitive price for their service, it still is an investment. You either just started a new business or you just created a new product. You want to market your product but you are trying to keep the costs as low as possible. Which is completely understandable and logic. You wonder if you can take the photos yourself, or if you could ask a family member who has interest in photography. These days everyone has phones with high-end camera’s. There are a countless amount of apps that tell you that you can take great photos of your product… 

But please let me tell you in 7 key points why investing in a professional photographer is key for a great marketing campaign and will eventually be worth the investment. 

  • Experience:

Professional photographers are 24/7 busy with photography. If they could, they would sleep with their camera. And the truth is: practice makes perfect. A professional photographer knows the right angles to shoot your product and make it shine like it should be. They can take your vision and put it into a beautiful image with their experience. Have you ever looked at a photo and thought: Something is wrong with this photo but you couldn’t tell why? Have you ever browsed through a magazine and realised that some images immediately strike and make you start reading the page and other photos pass by unnoticeable? That is the difference between a good and a great photographer. It sometimes comes to turning the camera and changing the position with 1cm to make the difference between a striking image and an average image. 

  • Equipment:

Owning a camera or a phone with a good camera is one thing. Having the right lenses, lights, stands, backgrounds and props is another thing. Every item is unique, and so is YOUR product that you want to sell. It deserves special attention when it’s photographed. Having the right lights is key. Professional photographers have the right equipment for the right shot and also have the knowledge to use equipment in a creative way. There is an amazing video that shows how much a face can change just by changing the light. Please take a look here.

  • Knowledge:

Professional photographers know the hard industry of photography, they know the latest trends in editing, creative techniques. They know best what angles, lights and techniques will work well for your product and public. 

  • Editing:

When you hire a photographer, you don’t just pay for an image, you pay for a service. Bringing your product on the market, you want to show it with the best possible image. Editing a photo can take hours. Time you probably spend on other work in your business. Editing photos in the right way requires expensive and complicated software. Photographers have this software, have the time to edit it and above all, they have the knowledge to use the software. A good professional photographer can do magic with his editing. 

  • Time and money:

it might not seem this way as a photographer will most likely present you a big bill at the end of the day but using a professional photographer will safe you time and money. As photographers are trained in what they do, they can deliver high-end quality images in a reasonable time. Having your photos taken by a professional will save you a lot off hassle and stress as you know that your product is in good hands. It is also scientifically proven that having professional photographs will increase the chances of engagement with your product. 

  • Represent your business: 

Your media represents your business. Low quality photos look unprofessional and will give your business the feeling of being unprofessional and of a low quality. Your website and social media are these day your 1st impression and as you know, you can only make it once. So why risk it if you can be sure of a great first impression and represent your business as a high quality professional business. 

  • Represent YOU:

Stock photos could be a cheaper alternative for photography but your customers want to know you and know that other people can use the same images. Even your biggest competitor might be using that same image. By using a professional photographer, you can give your customers an inside in your business, show them your quality, your vision and above all a reason to choose you over your competitor. 

So before you ask your family member to quickly take some photos or decide to take the photos with your phone, think about what you want your customers to think about your business and if you want to add the stress, time and hassles to your workload of starting a new business or campaign.