I excel at...

Product photography

Need professional pictures for your products? Want to promote your products in style on your website or even a big billboard?

Do you want photos for your online shop or do you want something more creative?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.


Need photos for a big campaign? Buildboards, windows, flyers… Marketing is often based on stunning images with a story. To make your campaign work, you will need high-end campaign photos. Picaboo Pictures has lots of experience with small and big companies in New Zealand and will work close with you to supply all the imagery you need for a stunning campaign. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quote.

Architecture photography

Do you need photos of your business? Do you work in real estate and need professional photos of properties?

Picaboo Pictures is specialised in any kind of architecture photography. 

Photoshop service

Do you have that perfect family photo but there is a stranger in the background? Having that cute photo of your newborn but forgot the laundry-basket in the background? Do you want it removed? Do you want any of your photos retouched by a professional photographer? 

We at Picaboo Pictures retouch your photos for a good price. Send us your picture and request in the “contact us page’, we will then give you a quote according to the amount of work on your picture. 

Personal requests

Do you want any other kind of photography ( baby & toddler, wedding and engagement, nude, food photography etc…) or do you want us to design something for your business ( logo, packaging, labels, flyers, posters…)

We at Picabo Pictures are a team of creative people with a lot of different skills: photography, photoshop and digital designm drawing etc. and are very happy to listen to your request and see where we can help. 

Contact us with your request and we will make the time to see what we can do for you.